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Healing Biodynamic Yoga

Nadia will guide you through a series of yoga poses for prolonged periods helping you to sink into your body to create profound states of relaxation. Alternating between fluid dynamic movement and stillness, you will learn how to intuitively and lovingly communicate with your body to find homeostasis; the natural state where the body remembers its original matrix of optimal health. From here you can unravel long-held tensions physical and emotional; giving the biological and energetic systems a chance to heal and replenish themselves, and the Soul a chance to thrive in Wholeness!


Leading with her heart, 

Nadia Sessen is a soulful Yoga teacher offering a unique Biodynamic approach to Yoga and hands-on healing. After completing her 200-hour Hatha Yoga training in India at the Himalayan Yoga Institute, she deepened her knowledge while attending osteopathic-based yoga classes in her home town of Montreal, Canada. With her love for dance, she expanded upon these teachings within her own exploration and yogic-dance training with Shiva Rea in California. 

Her specialized practice took form upon receiving immersive bodywork and mentoring under Master- Healer Hawk Mark Sanders. This sparked her devotion to health and self-care, igniting her love for helping people find self-healing and wholeness on the yoga mat.


Contact for interest in group or private yoga,

or for healing sessions.

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