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Body & Soul

Women's Workshop

210 E Main St, Luverne, MN 56156

April 9-16-23

Relax ~ Rejuvenate ~ Replenish!

Heal your body and ignite your Soul. Join Nadia Sessen for a workshop series on Health & Wholeness.

April 9


Release physical and emotional tension with Restorative Yoga and calming meditation to balance the mind, heal the heart and connect to the body. Then lay back and receive as a sweet Sound-healing concert washes over you. Nadia will weave her heart-centered original songs into a soothing soundscape using her voice as a vessel for healing frequencies which have the power to open the heart, positively affect the body and organs on a cellular and energetic level.

April 16


 Liberate enhanced vitality with Biodynamic Yoga, Expressive dance, and embodiment meditation. We will explore movement and stillness as we connect subtly to the body and deeply to the Soul through Yoga. From here we will flow into dance to explore emotion, drop into our naturalness and feel beautiful and free exactly as we are. 


April 23


Nourish your precious body as we learn about natural/healing foods and spa products. We will sample Fresh juice and explore healthy snack alternatives, and discuss some of the healing benefits that nourishing foods can provide. We will take a look at clean natural products to pamper, heal and care for ourselves so we may care for others with a full cup. 

Yoga for all levels. no experience required.

$30usd for single event
$80usd for full workshop
(includes all three events)

What to bring


-Your own Yoga mat or purchase one at event
-comfortable loose or stretchy clothing
-a water bottle to stay hydrated! 

Register for event!

How to Sign Up and Pay:
Option 1: Register and pay online (below).
Option 2: Pay cash in advance at Luverne Dragonfly.206 E Main St, Luverne, MN 56156

Event Dates:
April 9 --------------------------- Relax --------------------------------- $30
April 16 ------------------------ Rejuvenate --------------------- $30
April 23 ------------------------ Replenish ------------------------ $30
April 9-16-23 ------------ Full Workshop -------------- $80  


Thanks for registering! Now please pay using the payment button below.

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