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Big or small, if you're called, help support us in continuing to create. Thanks with all my heart. 

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A Message From Nadia~

        Many years ago, around a decade, I began a journey into the depths of my soul where I was to meet with the light of my innocence and my deepest of darkness all at once; two forces which exist in all beings. With the greatest desire to be Whole and free from duality, this is the Shamanic soundtrack of my Dark night of the Soul. And perhaps, a soundtrack to help guide you.


      I had more than one reason for not releasing this album. Among these reasons were that it was not complete and that I was not a complete and full representation of the message I was trying to convey. Despite all this, I know that the world needs this album now much more than I need for the album or for me to be perfect. I have high ideals of how I want to live and love on this planet, but just like all of us...I am a human and am learning as I go.


       Though these songs are now somewhat of an ancient relic and a time capsule to me, this 11-track album is the first I ever intended on releasing into the world under the artist name “Vulk” (“Wolf” in Russian). Whatever darkness you may be facing, unraveling or integrating, if you Stay close to the light in you, you will be sure to meet yourself ~ and come out on the other side with a gift of Love Grander than you ever could have imagined, so stick with it. You are so brave and I am proud of you.


       A special Thanks to all the friends, family, and music partnerships including the wonderful producer (Dave Sturton) who devoted so much time and energy and worked so tirelessly to help me create these recordings, to anyone else who helped me during this period of my life, and to Jason for being my muse and teacher at that time.


      Lastly, although music is often not paid for in this age because it is not considered a basic human need, music is still food for the soul, and we have a lot of hungry souls on this planet. The tremendous effort that goes into making great music is beyond what the listener can often imagine. And so it is very important that we who prepare soul-food are valued and supported to continue in what we do best. Beyond what I am delighted to share with all on YouTube; if you love this music and can afford it, I encourage and thank you for purchasing the full album. If you feel called to support further, donations made via this site are welcomed and appreciated. I Thank you for listening, for sharing the music, and for feeling.


~Thank You. Blessings to all.

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